Here are a few simple, easy to do, fine-gardening secrets from Pierson Garden and Landscape that will save the lives of your landscape shrubs and trees!

​1) Locate the “root flair” and plant it just above the soil level.  (A root flair is that angled base that everyone drew in kindergarten– our handsome gardener is pointing to it).  Trees and shrubs get stressed and actually die if the root flair is planted too deep!  Your under-performing shrub could be suffering from improper planting!

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Our handsome Gardener is pointing to the root flair which was mistakenly planted over 8-inches too deep! Note the mossy stress roots. Not good.

How often to water a tree.  Pierson Gardens landscape help and horticulture in the Twin Cities.

Ooooo! Look at those wet roots! These Pierson gardeners know how to plant a tree!

2) During planting, get them hoses out and saturate the soil to remove large air pockets!  This is a gardening must for planting larger shrubs and trees.  A peanut butter consistency is perfect!  Be sure to check watering periodically.

3) Be cheap with your mulch!  That is, use very little at the base of the trunk.  Natural mulch should not be more than 3″ thick anywhere in your garden and mulch should never be piled up against the base of a shrub or tree.  Thick mulch causes stress roots, rot, and can actually kill a shrub or tree!  Professional gardeners like Pierson Garden and Landscape practice good horticulture and remove problematic mulch.  Your shrubs or trees could be suffering from too much mulch!
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Stunning mulch application! Stunning. Good job Pierson Garden and Landscape!