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Pierson Garden and Landscape: Wizards of ShrubPierson Garden and Landscape Owner, David Pierson
We got to talk to David Pierson of Pierson Garden and Landscape. They’ve been around for 13 years. You can do the math. Some of the most successful businesses were started during recessions, when opportunities are more scarce so people are driven to create their own opportunities.

That’s when David started Pierson Garden and Landscape. He literally started with nothing but a pickup and shovel. And the company has seen tremendous growth in the past five years.

Pierson Garden and Landscape does fine gardening in the Twin Cities. That’s weeding, transplanting of perennials, and splitting. David says there’s a lot of demand for these services that most big landscapers have passed up because they don’t have the capability for these kinds of jobs.

Pierson focuses on smaller projects as larger projects can require larger equipment. They’ve carved out a niche of smaller projects most landscapers will not touch. 

If someone wants just the front of their house done, most bigger landscapers hauling around one ton pickups and bobcats won’t take on the project. But most of the projects PG&L takes on can be completed in one day. The work they do is so popular with clients they hardly need to advertise given their minimal investment in advertising over the years.

David tells us his company loves doing the work. They have a lot of retirees working for them, and college / high school aged kids. And if they have a special talent or interest, he tries to incorporate it into the business to strengthen the company and engage his workers.

Looking forward, Pierson Garden and Landscape is going organic in 2020. Two of their largest customers asked them what they have in organic products for landscaping and gardening. That got the wheels turning, and it’s changing their entire business this year. 

Further out, Pierson plans more growth over the next five or ten years. Especially after how the past five years have gone. He sees organic herbicides and automation transforming his business. Peering into the future, David mentioned robotic lawn equipment as a possibility. Increasing his staffing and investing in their knowledge and skill will be critical to advancing the business to this next level.

He says the future is bright and he’s grateful every day for his customers. “They’re the ones who are making it happen.”

Pierson’s vision statement is: “We build long lasting relationships through extraordinary service.” There’s no better way to grow.