Get Fresh seasonal annual décor delivered to your door!  Delivery and haul-away is included!  Our durable pots are 100% American-made and bursting with superior Minnesota-grown plants.  These professionally-arranged pots will impress your guests.  Lease your local and fresh arrangements from Pierson Garden and Landscape.

Note: After checkout, we will contact you with delivery information.

Cosmopolitan measures 22″ in height, 23.5″ in width, round.

Modern measures 19″ in height, 12.75″ x 12.75″ in width, square

Fill out the form below to be contacted by a Pierson designer who will finalize your custom container order and arrange payment.


ORDERING and PAYMENT: Order by phone or online at No orders accepted through Social Media, smoke signals, hand signals, winks, thinks, or assumptions. We do need Cash, Check, Credit Card or Debit Card accepted through PayPal before any order leaves our studio greenhouse.

PLACEMENT: Porch Pots are placed using our best judgement. Each weigh between 30 pounds to more than 120 pounds. Porch Pots may not be placed directly on bare soil, wood mulch, or decorative rock due to invasive ground insects. If necessary, we will supply spacers to maintain an air gap when necessary. Porch Pots don’t do well indoors.

CARE: Water immediately after delivery. Porch pots come with directions for watering and simple up-keep. Fertilizers, desiccants, special soil additives, and other stuff is already done by our on-staff Horticulturalist! Like many floral arrangements, Porch Pots do not come with any guarantee of survivability or performance. Delivery agents do not hook up customer-supplied watering devices/ trinkets.

DELIVERY AND HAUL-AWAY DATES: Specific Porch Pots delivery dates are never guaranteed. Weather and market conditions affect deliveries. Any customer-added stuff including decorations, self-watering apparatuses, chachkies and trinkets could be hauled away with pots during the pick up. Deliveries and haul-aways are only available in our limited delivery zone within the western Twin Cities. Below is a general time frame for haul-away and deliveries:

Spring: Mid April
Summer: Late May into early June
Fall: Mid September
Winter: During two weeks prior to Thanksgiving day.

CUSTOM DELIVERY ORDERS: In-ground installations, custom containers and window planters, orangeries and vegetable gardens, and mass plantings may be scheduled however, these are also subject to market conditions and weather. Contact us for these custom enhancements.

CUSTOMER-OWNED CONTAINERS: (CUSTOM) Porch pot inserts; our professional arrangements which slide in and out of existing containers work like magic! It’s a fantastic option you will love. Contact us for these custom enhancements!

Should you be interested in custom enhancements such as using one’s own planters, this is our process. We are a firm of ladies and gentlemen whom create custom designs to be installed by our professionals. Once we connect, expect an in-person Measure Call to review the enhancements you wish to address. A conceptual proposal with plant specifics may then be drafted. Conceptual proposals are billed at a base service charge of $225. Should you choose to approve our proposal in a timely manner, the base service charge is credited towards your installation. Market conditions may affect this outline.