Francisco is an 81-year-old resident of Jeráhuaro, Michoacán, Mexico.  Despite his age, his mind and heart still hold the dream of the forests of his youth, where the flora and fauna lived together in an unparalleled ecosystem that was both dense and unique for the region. The forests were so dense that it was almost impossible to walk in them or see through the vegetation. 

Although Francisco primarily works in agriculture, which allows him to generate an income for his family, he realizes that in order to continue his reforestation and forest transformation project, he will need financial support because it is difficult work that requires a lot of assistance. While this is the first time that he will be planting pilaster pines, he is confident that the results will be financially helpful for his children, grandchildren, and the environment. For this reason, Francisco looks to Kiva as a hope for moving his project forward, because if he receives financial support he will be able to make many of his dreams come true.

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