PictureOne of our Gardening Pros demonstrating how to wear a mask. (This is a re-used N95)

We opened, took precautions, pay cuts, and sacrificed to keep employees safe and working.  
Here’s how we’ll survive the season:

For our customers:
1) Our Company will NOT take Government grants, loans, or hand-outs.  These are only for those who desperately need them.
2) Services & Garden installations must be slowed down so employees can stay apart.
3) We are offering ‘Time & Materials’ for Fine-Gardening service so customers can more closely watch their money.
4) We’re open on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of the Stay-Home order for customer phone calls and some Gardening and Landscape remodeling/installation visits.
5) Thankful service.  We have many ideas to keep your gardens in shape until we can get back to normal.
6) All Gardening and Landscape employees are using a mask or shield when talking to customers and when working closely together (see photo).  

For our employees:
1) Ownership is not taking a salary until business-levels return to 2019 levels.
2) Increased scheduling flexibility during the busy Gardening season to accommodate temporary changes, etc.
3) Increased benefits such as paid lunches (to support restaurants and reduce employee food costs)
4) ‘Grow Bucks’, our internal rewards program, can be used to purchase gift cards for groceries, gas, and home goods.
5) New employees now accumulate PTO at the maximum rate, immediately, day one.  Existing employees already accumulate PTO and are unaffected. 
6) We are delaying the purchase of a Gardening vehicle.  We will be spending that money on projects around the office/shop to keep employees working if the amount of customer projects decrease.

If you have any other ideas to help our employees or help customers please, share. 
​Thank you.